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Off-Campus College Apartments in Syracuse, NY

Going off to college is one of the big turning points in a young adult’s life. That doesn’t mean, however, you want to be stuck living on the campus paying a premium for a dorm. Instead, taste true freedom by reaching out to John O. Williams Properties and asking us about our college apartments in Syracuse, NY.

Fully furnished and close to the university, our off-campus college apartments and homes allow you to live in comfort at a very affordable price while still keeping you close to your classes, friends, and all of the other fun happenings. Just because you are away at school doesn’t mean you should have to live in a cramped space. Schedule an appointment with us to learn all about our available off-campus housing options, including:

Why Choose Off-Campus?

When you start to consider your college life, one of the first questions you will have to answer is whether you want to live in a dorm or off-campus. Once you start to consider the pros and cons of these two options, however, choosing an apartment off-campus will quickly make the most sense. Some of the biggest reasons to contemplate off-campus housing include:

Save Money – It is usually much more affordable to live off-campus considering the rates of most dorms.

There Are No Rules – From curfews and noise issues to nosy RAs, living in a dorm can sometimes feel even more constrictive than living at home with your parents. In an apartment, you will feel the freedom of truly living on your own.

Become More Responsible – While there may not be any rules in off-campus living, there are responsibilities. This gives you a great practice run for what life will be like after you earn your degree.

More Space – Dorms usually aren’t very big. That means small kitchens, shared bedrooms, and a lack of storage space. College apartments, on the other hand, give you the luxury of a bigger kitchen and, most importantly, your own space.

Have Lots of Fun – Living in an off-campus apartment, especially with a group of your friends, is a great experience that allows you to bond with people you will keep in touch with for a lifetime.

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